Memorial Painting for a Gorgeous Girl Full of Life, Taken Too Soon (Blog)


I had the wonderful privilege of being able to paint a memorial painting for a family who’s heart is broken. Their gorgeous little girl was taken from them too soon.

When a friend of the family contacted me she passed on the little girls details. I was shocked to discover that this little girl, and my baby girl, not only shared the same name but they also shared a love for Minnie Mouse and the colours pink and purple (not one or the other, but both!). This memorial painting then took on a different meaning, it became more special because it brought home how short life can be and how much we really need to appreciate what we have.

After receiving quite a few photos I had to spend time choosing. I figured about twenty or so would feature in this piece. How does one choose between pictures? Especially when they are of a little girl who will no longer be able to have her picture taken? How do you say no to even one? They were all really great photos, and if I could have put each one on the page, I would have. With the help of my brother, I chose the final twenty photos. Then to set them out; I tried portrait but I couldn’t arrange the photos nicely so I settled on landscape. After showing the client we changed back to portrait then it was back to the drawing board 🙂 The final layout came together nicely, the client was happy so it was time to draw it up and get started on the memorial painting!


Painting this was hard, I wont lie. I was thinking of my children and how I would feel if they were no longer with me. I’m sure the little girl was with me while I was painting; giving me strength and helping to guide me. I could not have done it without her.

To the family, I’d like to say I am immensely sorry for the loss you have suffered, and are still suffering. I hope I was able to help ease the grief and give you something of your daughter you can cherish forever.

To my client, thank you for commissioning me to do this memorial piece, and allowing me to be part of this story.

To the gorgeous little girl, you were taken too soon but your light will shine on forever.


If anyone would like something similar please send me an email to discuss your requirements and then head to the shop to purchase.

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