The Creation of a Children’s Book – How it started (Blog)


Children’s Book

I thought I’d share with everyone my original reason for getting into business; a children’s book.

Since having children, and seeing the joy and excitement they get from reading. I decided to write my own children’s book. I am hoping ┬áthe book will turn into series of adventures ­čÖé

Ideas for the Children’s Book

Coming up with an idea was simple. It derived loosely from my life and has evolved from there. My daughter is the main character, and hopefully down the track my son will also be involved (I better involve him or I can see some favourite child conversations happening in the future ^_^!). Articulating my ideas into words for the book is a bit of a struggle. I think I am heading down the right track but it will take a lot more development.

Drawings for the Children’s Book

The most important aspect of this book was that I would illustrate it using a mix watercolour paints and pen. I find that my children initially  gravitated towards the books which were illustrated in this manner. Also, I am so excited to start the book that I keep working on new drawings rather then finishing the development of drawings I have already started. I have about five animal drawings on the go at the moment!

Because I can’t give away too much of the book I can only show you two characters that I am working on. This is the development of the elephants and the panda. I am super excited cos I am really loving the way they are turning out so far. I might also sneak in that a gorilla will feature in the first book too (I am partial to gorillas ^_^!)


children's book illustration of a panda


children's book illustration of elephants

Keep an eye on my facebook and instagram accounts as I will periodically post further development of these characters. Which I am also turning into a range of art prints.



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  • M Gentile

    April 1, 2017 , 9:17 pm

    Can't wait to see the finished product !!!