Watercolour Pet Portrait -The process of making it come to life (Blog)


It’s that time again

Yep, I’ve made another video to help give some insight into what goes into making one of my paintings. This time I’ve focused on a pet portrait. Not just any pet, my beloved boy Jax.

A bit about Jax

Jax is a pure bred Great Dane. He is almost six years old now; that is old for a dane ^_^! Hopefully he lives for many more.

Photo for Pet Portrait of Jax

When I first met Jax he fit into my hands, now he is 70kg and over 183cm when standing on his hind legs!

Photo for Pet Portrait of Jax

My husband and I got Jax when he was just eight weeks old. There were no children then so he became my first baby. He is lovable and, generally, very well behaved. He is also great around the kids. This comes down to the major effort my husband and I put in with his training. A shout out the The K9 Company who, are awesome and, taught us everything we needed to help Jax grow and give a happy life.

Photo for Pet Portrait of Jax

Pet Portrait

Back to the task at hand, the pet portrait. When I started my business one of the first things I did was draw up a painting of Jax. Paintings and life got in the way, and it is only now, seven months later, that I was able to complete the painting.

Photo for Pet Portrait of Jax

 A little known fact

Black is not a great colour for the type of abstract portrait paintings I paint. It is probably part of the reason why I left the painting for so long. But, I decided to bite the bullet and go through with it. Worse that could happen? It could look horrible ^_^! Posting to my facebook and instagram pages helped to commit me to the cause and then be held accountable for my actions.

Video blog

Just to add to the pressure I filmed myself painting the portrait. I hope you enjoy watching.

The video shows me painting the different layers of black, red, grey and white (Unfortunately my camera went flat during the last white layer and due to it’s nature I had to finish painting it, sorry!). The layers were needed to create depth in the painting. They also help to bring about a sense of realism that isn’t always easy to achieve with my abstract style.

The result

Watercolour pet portraitHere is the final piece. I am very happy with the way it came out. I think it really captures my gorgeous boy. It definitely captures his very laid back attitude.

Let me know what you think 🙂



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