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Hey Guys! I was lucky enough to collaborate with Daphne Heath (from Daphne Heath Photography). Have a read of her blog post. She rocks and to follow this amazing woman’s perspective on breastfeeding and art is astounding. Now no more from me, her she is…….

My art really exploded when I became a breastfeeding mother. I always stared in wonder at my firstborn, in awe. In awe of how my breastmilk could sustain a human and the magical powers it withheld. So many factors such as the hormones released in breastfeeding itself was just outstanding, oxytocin (the love hormone) and the endorphins (the happy hormone) came together hand in hand to release the milk to which then my firstborn would drink. To then my firstborn would exclusively survive from! It was mind boggling and led me down a path that I could never have known.
I remember when I was in high school and was amazed by the matrix of a woman’s body. I would write about it, draw it, paint, photograph it and also act about it. It was amazing, and I knew always within me I was to be a mother. It was ignited within my art from a very early stage yet I didn’t think about it too much, as it held no profound meaning until now.

breastfeeding and art

Daphne Heath in labour, breastfeeding her first born

So I started to photograph other breastfeeding mama’s, I was elated beyond measure. I wanted to spread awareness, I wanted to show other women it was POSSIBLE to breastfeed what ever age you were at. Just be informed and do research. I extensively read every known article about breastfeeding and was absolutely obsessed to the point where it did get too much and the pressure of the social media about said breastfeeding had gotten me down a little.
Then I got pregnant with my second and my art had a stand still. I tandem fed for a few months and my biggest regret was not having it captured, those amazing few months of my feeding were a blur and I would give anything back to have some type of Art capture it. Though it was exhausting and ended in self weaning my eldest I still hold a sense of pride and acknowledgement to my duty of a breastfeeding mother and rejoice in my abilities to nourish both my babes at once. To this day I still look back fondly and remember how they held hands or stared in each other’s eyes.

breastfeeding and art

Tandem feeding with Daphne Heath and her children

However my art was reignited again and I haven’t stopped since, delving into my past artwork and having my breastfeeding photo turned into a watercolour painting was the most magical and beautiful gift. It reminded me the beauty of it all. The hormones. The love. The nourishment. . I support mothers 100% in their journeys- even helping one mama recognize a tongue tie (as my youngest had one) and get her the contacts needed to continue their journey. Which by far, has been my biggest accomplishment throughout this photographic journey yet.
Art and motherhood has been such a beautiful and inspiring journey, and have found so much healing within myself, to find who I am as a person. For that I am thankful for God who gave me the gift to see such a “mundane” act be the most wonderful inspiration ever. Breastfeeding has given me the eyes into art itself and I fucking love that.

Want to see and hear more from Daphne? (of course you would, she’s brilliant 😉 ) You can find her on facebook and instagram.

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