Rebranding – Because I AM ENOUGH (Blog)



Welcome to my new website and to Christina Cerqueira! After having the business for about eight months I decided that the name watermark by CHRISTINA no longer fit. I personally have grown in many ways since starting and felt like it was time to go through the rebranding process.


Through my personal growth over the last eight months I have realised that I AM ENOUGH. As an artist I have decided to use my name as my brand. This was a tough decision but ultimately one I know is the right decision. All the art I create goes away with a part of me. I do not need a brand to identify that. I am self empowering and acknowledging this. To move forward and to grow further I must be the face of my art.


So over the last few weeks, in between a very busy life, I have spent countless hours rebuilding my website, working with my brother Alfie Falleti, on all my business stationary i.e. a new logo, business cards etc (I am quite sure I have driven him insane during this time too – but I am forever in his debt as allows amazing to be created).


Along with all this rebranding and rebuilding I have decided to, finally, release my free printables 🙂 These will be released regularly via my newsletter (so please sign up if you haven’t already – If you sign up by the end of today I will make sure to send you through the link to download the printable). They will only be available to download free for 48 hours. After that they will become available to purchase through my shop as downloadable products.

I will be starting with a series of inspirational quotes which I originally made up for myself and hang over my desk. They are too helpful to keep to myself though and I am hoping they will bring some focus and self empowerment to you all. I spent a lot of time painting the original then being upset with myself because I thought they weren’t good enough. What could I change to make them better? What can I add to improve them? Are the colours correct? Then I stopped and realised, yes, it is enough. In all its raw glory. You know why? Because of it’s message, “I am enough”. So please, before you berate yourself about something that isn’t quite right, something you worry that noone will like, or something that you think you could have done better just stop. YOU ARE ENOUGH; WE ARE ENOUGH;


rebranding, free printable

This first set will be affirmations that have come to be very important to me. With the rebrand you will get access to “I am enough” for 48 hours. In the following weeks I will also release “Actually, I can” and “I am that I am”. Mantras I chant to myself throughout the day, and whenever I start to feel inadequate. They are painted using the seven chakra colours representing the seven centres of spiritual power in our bodies. Did I just go a little hippie…. 🙂


Please enjoy my new website ( and the free printables 🙂 My facebook and instagram accounts have been updated to reflect my new name also so please head over and follow me to be kept in the loop with what I am working on.


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