Rebranding – Because I AM ENOUGH

rebranding logo for christina cerqueira, watercolour logo painting

TIME FOR A CHANGE Welcome to my new website and to Christina Cerqueira! After having the business for about eight months I decided that the name watermark by CHRISTINA no longer fit. I personally have grown in many ways since starting and felt like it was time to go through the rebranding process. REBRANDING Through […]


Video of the Painting Process – From Photo to Painting

Painting Process

I’ve created this video for you to have a brief look into how I go through the painting process; from photo to painting, when creating each watercolour portrait.

I normally have to do some cropping or adjusting to photos to adjust the subjects although I was happy with this painting. I liked the idea of it being bottom left adjusted. To be honest, I don’t really like the photo although it works very well as a painting.

Painting Process – Light and Dark

Once I am happy with sizing and positioning I spend some time breaking down the light and dark spots in the photo, choosing which to bring out and which to take away. It is all about the end result so this part is important. I need to maintain as much of the subject as possible without losing the abstract nature of the painting.

Painting Process – Drawing up

After the photo is analysed I draw it onto a piece of watercolour paper ready for painting. As watercolour paint, by its nature, is translucent I have to make sure I do not press too hard when drawing otherwise you will see the lead through the painting. And nobody wants that!

Just to make life harder, I then erase what I have drawn ^_^! This is to make sure no lead will remain visible through the final painting.

Painting Process – Painting

Now onto the fun stuff, painting! Not much to say about this other then I add plenty of water to the colour I am using, and I paint. The more water I add to the paint, the lighter and more translucent the colour will be on the paper. I will often add multiple layers of paint to certain areas of the portrait to better define features. At the end of this portrait in particular, I added a colour wash to the entire painting as I wanted to remove the white space. I also added this wash while the rest of the paint was wet. This helped the portrait to bleed into the wash and blur the edges and create natural shading.

watercolour portrait painting process

I hope you enjoyed watching and reading about the painting process. If you’d like to see more videos (I promise to shoot from a better angle next time) let me know.

Also, if you are interested in your own watercolour portrait head over to the shop and have a look.