Actually I Can – Printable Affirmation


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Three little words with a big meaning, ACTUALLY I CAN. A powerful affirmation to remind us that we are enough and that we can do it. We can, and we should. It doesn’t mean we don’t need anybody else though.


Affirmations are incredibly important to our well being. Without noticing it, they help us to realise our potential, and our self. I’ve found that repeating these to myself every day help to calm me down and de-stress. I can then focus on what is important to me.


I believe it is so important to see and chant affirmations to yourself everyday. So I have created this first series, which are affirmations I say to myself everyday. I AM ENOUGH, I AM THAT I AM, ACTUALLY I CAN. They started to remind me; that in life I am a good mother, I am a good artist and that I can do everything I want to do. So just give everything a go.

It is because of this, I want to help everybody else. Sometimes we recognise that there is something wrong but we are unsure what to do to help. Reading and chanting these daily help to subtly shift your mind from the negative (of course, you should seek professional help if there is a more serious matter).


There is no limit to how many times you can print these affirmations. Please print them and stick them everywhere you walk. The more you see and read them, the more they will help. Mine are sitting proud on my desk, next to my painting and computer area so I can’t miss them 🙂


Actually I Can is the last printable in the I AM series. The first is I AM ENOUGH and the second is I AM THAT I AM. This doesn’t mean that there won’t be more affirmations to come. I will definitely be making more, so keep an eye out!


I’d love to hear from you and see where you’ve hung your affirmations. Please reach out via email, facebook or instagram and let me know.


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